Brian Walters — Greg

Originally from Yokohama, Japan, Brian Walters moved to New York City in 2009 to pursue and acting career in America. In 2002, he starred in a Japanese national TV show for 2 years called "Tensai Terebi-kun", which sparked his interest in acting. He also started modeling in top Japanese men's fashion magazines in 2005. Since moving to NYC, Brian has been in numerous theater productions and has gotten a role on Blue Bloods and in a Foo Fighters music video. Brian has also surpassed 2 million views on his YouTube channels: Systemjap & It's Candy Time. He is currently the host of Japanese Batsu-Game Improv Show, BATSU! every Monday and Thursday night. most recently, Brian worked on national AT&T Moto X commercial.

Samantha Rivers Cole — Felicity

Some of Samantha Rivers Cole's (Felicity) favorite screen roles include Shelly in "Harmless", Monica in "The Psychotics" and the Praying Mantis Killer in "". Her next role is Wendy Harper in the film "Scars of a Predator". Favorite stage roles include Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, Desdemona in "Othello" and Helen in "For Helen of Troy". She has an MFA in acting from The University of Washington and has also studied acting at Harvard with the Moscow Art Theater School USA, UC Berkeley, and the American Conservatory Theater. She is currently training at T. SchreiberStudio. You can see her making trouble all around NYC with her all girl sketch comedy troupe "Pirate Sugar".

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