Greg (Brian Walters) does not remember much of his childhood. Looking at old pictures, he tries to recall what was happening when the photos were taken, but the scenes that are projected in his head seem unreal, like a product of his imagination. Without the memories to anchor his existence, Greg cannot feel alive and doubts if he should continue to live this way. He repeats a countdown in his head, over and over, hoping to disappear when he reaches zero, and is disappointed every time it finishes and he knows he is not going to die.


Greg, near the end of his time at the drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic located in the countryside, is allowed to go to the city near his hometown for a job interview. Taking advantage of his time out he meets up with old friends, starting with Alex (Frank Angelini), a former drug induced petty thief, who is now a reformed character with a respectable job as a college professor. During their conversation Greg feels increasingly uncomfortable and it is clear he cannot relate to Alex's new life.


He leaves Alex to go to his interview, which he fails miserably as he expected. He wanders aimlessly through the city taking photographs on the camera his therapist has loaned him, until later when he goes to a friend’s birthday dinner party that Alex had told him about earlier. There he meets Felicity (Samantha Rivers Cole).


After the party, Greg who has drank to excess, leaves with friend to roam the town.  At daybreak, they reach a lake just outside the town. It reminds him of the lake where he tried to kill himself earlier. As he ponders the future that lies before him he contemplates taking his own life again. The countdown starts...

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